Recently, I’ve been feeling stressed and somewhat overwhelmed by life. I moved into a new job back in May – I work full-time at a large London university – and always knew that this time of year would be the busiest in this role, but nothing could have prepared me for how it would feel. I’m working on a helpdesk and naively thought that it would be fulfilling because, well, I’d be helping. But what about the issues you can’t help with because they are beyond your control? What about

I don’t often buy glossy magazine’s these days, but there’s always something about the big September issues of fashion magazines that still manages to tempt me into making a purchase. This year it was Elle UK‘s commitment to sustainability in the September issue that had me hooked. In her Editor’s Letter, Anne-Marie Curtis notes that she has made changes to the way she shops and points out that, although it’s not a 100% sustainable magazine, they are discussing a great many key topics and have made changes to the way

In the early 1990s, UK schools didn’t have many of the traditions we saw in the movies – proms, yearbooks etc – but some of my fellow students decided that they wanted to change this. Sadly, not enough people brought in the cash that was needed to produce an official yearbook, and so I took up the challenge of creating one for myself. I printed out questionnaires for my friends, stockpiled photographs and purchased a hardback book to stick everything in. I wanted the book to help me remember the

When I did my Master’s degree and started to focus on underwear in my research, I discovered that there are a lot of books published on that topic (specifically on women’s underwear/lingerie), but the vast majority of them are little more than picture books. Although these can look very beautiful, many of them offer very little useful information and the photographs can very quickly look dated. It is for this reason that I have been looking forward to reading Cora Harrington’s first book, In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear,

The first song I ever truly loved was West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys. There were many songs that brought me joy before then, but I remember oh so clearly that this was on another level. It felt as though the music and vocals of this song had taken me to another place because it didn’t just make me want to dance and sing, it made me feel all sorts of other things. When West End Girls reached number one in the UK charts, I had just turned 11

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