Sustainability can seem like such a huge subject, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wonder what on earth you can do that will possibly make a difference. The more you read, however, the more you’ll start to work out which aspects really speak to you and where you’d like to focus your efforts. For me, the key issue is improving our connection to our clothes so that we stop treating garments as disposable. As someone who grew up at a time when shops got new collections only twice a

If there’s one thing I know about fashion trends it’s that, no sooner have they faded away, they’ll be back before you know it. When it comes to trends for colours, prints and fabrics, they get recycled a lot more often than you might think. Bright colours, jewel tones, velvet, tweed and tartan have all come and gone and come back again at various times over the last few decades. However, the one that’s really back with a vengeance this autumn (or fall) is animal inspired prints. There are a

I like hearing about creative projects, especially ones by women for women. Having recently discovered Ovation – a new forum for women and female identifying creatives in British theatre, aiming to provide opportunities for networking and skills development – I thought I’d help them spread the word with a quick blog post. The Ovation website gives a good overview of what they’re about: Ovation was created by arts writer, Victoria Sadler, following sustained issues she found with the platforming and ongoing support given to women creatives across theatre. “I still see

Back in 2013, I celebrated a decade of blogging with an awards ceremony. One of the winners of those awards – voted for by this blog’s readers and my social media followers – was the incomparable Lolo Brow. In the five years since then, Lolo has: produced Cabaret Derangium; terrified audiences with her toxic masculinity in several Family Fierce pantos; formed a female performers’ collective called L.A.D.S with Lilly SnatchDragon and Scarlett O’Hora; performed at Lucha Britannia and Eve pro-wrestling events; hosted Adore Delano’s Birthday Tour at The Powder Room in Brighton; performed

Having had an extremely busy couple of months at work, when I recently received a press release from Hunkemöller about an influencer collaboration I just ignored it. After all, they don’t really do collaborations the way a brand like Playful Promises does, so I didn’t want to spend any of my precious spare time and energy writing bland words about lingerie that was inevitably going to be photographed on a slim able-bodied young white cis woman (because big brands never collaborate with influencers who don’t fit that category). But then

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