Everyone who wears dresses prefers one with pockets, right? Even if you carry a handbag most of the time it’s always nice to have the option of keeping your phone/money/keys close at hand, but plenty of designers and manufacturers overlook this useful feature. It may be more expensive to produce womenswear with pockets, but I don’t think I know anyone who wears dresses that wouldn’t be willing to pay a bit more for one with pockets. So, here’s a selection of practical frocks for spring, all under £70. 1) Louche

I started planning this post months ago, when I was first writing about getting married, but it somehow slipped off my To Do list until something reminded me last week. A colleague who I don’t see all that often (I work for a very large organisation) asked me for my email address, “because you’ve changed your name.” I was puzzled. “No, you must be confusing me with someone else,” I replied, and then it all became clear. “But didn’t you get married though, and… oh, sorry, I just assumed!” I

CONTENT WARNING: This guest blog post contains graphic descriptions and discussion of abortion. This taboo blog post is co-written between a cis het couple ‘C’ (female) and ‘P’ (male). C & P want to start a family. They’re committed. They communicate. They have chosen and biological family support. They have jobs. They live together. Despite all this they recently had a medical abortion at 7 weeks. FINDING OUT C WAS PREGNANT C: Because so many of my ‘symptoms’ felt like I was just about to start my period, I genuinely

Everywhere we look these days, we’re confronted by references to sex in some shape or form. Advertising billboards feature hot young things in suggestive poses with lascivious expressions on their faces, and so much music is still about sex and desire that it seems like it should be a normal thing to want. It might only be recently that it became acceptable to talk about sex and wanting sex (especially for women), but what if you don’t want it? Seems to me that is one of the last sexual taboos.

The number of more positive articles on fat bodies is finally starting to increase, in the wake of the popularity of ‘plus size’ (ugh I hate that term) models like Ashley Graham, Audrey Ritchie and Tess Holliday. It seems like culture (and capitalism) has finally accepted that we’re getting bigger, and that there’s a lot of fat and thick babes out there demanding better clothes and more representation. Whereas 20 years ago, when I was 22 years old and a size 24, the only place you saw fat women was

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, lichen sclerosus and a few other related things. If you haven’t run across any of those terms before, as a shorthand, my (vulva-vagina type) genitals are allergic to themselves and hurt in almost every conceivable way, although these days not all of the time, which is a relief. What I’ve mostly learnt from it is that women go through all sorts of ridiculous health stuff for years because we won’t talk to each other about what is

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