Since I blogged about Agent Provocateur’s recent move towards extremely un-sexy models, I thought I’d put the URL out there a bit in the hope that someone at the company might read what I’d said and respond. I sent it to their oddly named Twitter account, which claims to be the official Twitter for the “sexiest lingerie in the world”, but heard nothing back. Not a peep. Then I searched their website for an email address in the hope of contacting someone in their head office, but eventually had to

Last August, I had my photo taken by Rankin as part of a massive exhibition of his work that was on show at the Old Truman Brewery for a few months. I tweeted while I waited for my turn in front of the camera, and then also after the shoot, which led to a few messages from strangers on Twitter and helped introduce me to a new friend. Claire was slightly nervous about her shoot the following day and so we got chatting about what she should expect. Afterwards, she

Grown up language

On Twitter this morning, I made reference to a possibly drunken, probably sarcastic tweet from the rather excellent Ms Stamper and, before long, there was much talk of boobs. In fact, I was recommended by someone as a person one of their friends should follow purely because of my mention (and promise of future mentions) of the word. Being rather fond of carefully crafting my tweets, I decided not to repeat my initial usage of the slightly comical and rounded word ‘boobs’, replacing it instead with the rather more straightforward

I started writing for women’s lifestyle website BitchBuzz last December, after many months as an avid reader. It’s a pretty special website as it acknowledges that intelligent women have a wide variety of interests, from news and technology to style and relationships, but that we don’t want to be talked down to or taken advantage of. OK, so we might like articles that are short and snappy, but that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be dumbed down with more serious subjects avoided. Far from it! We want to hear

For the last couple of months I’ve been attempting to get things done and also trying to help others do the same (I realise that an update on that post is still due!), but I’ve not really been doing so well. At all! As you can see from my latest Bitchbuzz article, I’m still not managing to slow down, concentrate and get organised in my life. Whereas some people I know work too hard and never have time to play, I’m the complete opposite. Sounds like both types of people

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