Birthdays are a strange thing. Despite the fact that they should really only be celebrated when you’re growing up, we continue to the tradition throughout our lives even when we’re down to three cards and one gift, if we’re lucky. As a child, birthdays are one great big OMG-I’m-a-Year-Older excuse for gifts and parties but, as an adult, they’re simply an annual reminder of just how long ago those days were. No, I’m not six-years-old any more… I’m three decades away from that, in fact. Getting older is not a

Before my festive blogging lull occurred, I was chatting to some female friends and discovered something so surpising that it was worth keeping in mind to blog about it now. The five of us were sat enjoying a spot of bubbly and some seasonal food, when the conversation somehow turned to feminism. I forget exactly what we were chatting about at the time, but the highest paid and probably most career-minded member of our little group told us all that her husband had said he thought she was a feminist

When I turned 16, my parents told me I had to get a job. I protested but, after my mum pretty much wrote a job application for me and took me to the interview, I decided that there was no way out. I totally wasted the time of those poor people at Sainsbury’s that day but decided then and there that, if I had to get a job, it would be somewhere I actually wanted to work. After that, I ended up with a shelf-stacking/till trainee job at WH Smith

There’s not much that can get me out of bed and into central London before 10am on a Bank Holiday Monday, but I may have found just the thing. Would I like to win a 5-night holiday for two to Las Vegas? Er, yes please! What do I have to do for a chance of a week of more sparkle than I can physically handle? Apparently I just have to join an attempt to break the World Record for the Largest Burlesque Dance. OK, so it’s a big publicity stunt

The Vigilant Citizen has, this weekend, flagged up a ‘disturbing’ photoshoot for Paris Vogue which uses child models. Whether or not featuring children in photographs for a women’s fashion magazine is appropriate, I’m not sure that I would describe the images as disturbing. Photographers and the magazines they work for like to find a theme – often something many people would describe as daring and edgy – to differentiate themselves from others and to make it more interesting than just shooting women wearing clothes. Many photographers have had fashion stories

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