This week’s outing to see Maxïmo Park at Brixton Academy has not made it into my top five gigs list. Probably wouldn’t make it into a top ten, to be honest. Still, as I want to keep the list, ready for possible future updates (I’m looking at you Spiritualized), I thought I’d re-post it here for your perusal. 1) Muse, Wembley Stadium, June 2007 There were lights and video screens a-plenty and the band appeared in the centre of the new stadium amidst much smoke/glitter/cheering, before Muse crashed through one

Although I bought my domain on 12th July 2001, I didn’t start blogging right away. 19th March 2003 was the date of my first Movable Type post and therefore the ‘official’ birth of my blog. After many years of ranting and rambling about all kinds of subjects, I moved house to a more exciting city where I gradually became rather too busy to blog and also, like most of the online world, became quite engrossed in Facebook. As my ‘spare’ time online became somewhat limited, this resulted in an unintentional

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