I’m pretty sure I vowed at the end of last year to not be this busy in 2011. After months and months of my evenings and weekend being packed full of exciting things, I decided that I needed to cut down on the socialising and concentrate on writing, perhaps enrolling on a part-time MA course to actually learn how to do it properly. After a hectic year, I thought that a big change was needed to get me through the next twelve months but, you know what? I reckon it

To a Mouse

My mother was born in Lanarkshire and moved to Ayr as a teenager, where her parents continued to live once she had settled in England. This meant many trips to the west coast town as a child, to visit my grandparents and scoff an awful lot of tasty Scottish food. As my memories of Scotland mostly revolve around the dinner table and tend to be from a part of the country obsessed with Robert Burns, I think it’s only fitting that I mark the whisky- and haggis-fest Burns’ Night with

On Saturday, I spent the day with my younger sister. As well as discussing her impending nuptials and visiting high-end department stores to look at shoes, we also chatted about her MBA and an idea she’s had for starting her own business when she finishes. A few years ago, I could see a day with her featuring shoe shopping and not much else, but now we’re both older and wiser it was possible to wander through Harrods chatting about marketing concepts whilst also stopping to admire the workmanship in an

From the moment I first heard the rather splendid Garbage song of the same name, I have become somewhat fascinated by the word queer. Originally meaning strange, odd or different, the word was adopted in the early 20th century as a pejorative slang term for homosexuals but, in recent decades, has been reclaimed by the LGBT community. However, despite having many friends who identify as queer, I have come to realise that I don’t really know what they mean by that. Wikipedia’s entry on queer went some way to clarifying

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my whiny self-indulgent pre-birthday blog post last week. I spent the day pondering whether or not to tell my colleagues, who appeared to have forgotten, and moped around a bit for no real reason. By Friday, when my colleagues did remember and I also had a gorgeous birthday lunch and gift-buying trip to Fortnum & Mason courtesy of Topper, I was feeling much cheerier and ready to tackle the blog post I promised you. Then the weekend happened. Thankfully, the delay has meant

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