It’s Valentine’s Day today and, for reasons I won’t go into here, I’m not a happy bunny. My black mood isn’t related to the day itself though (other than the fact it’s a Monday), but I can see why some people detest the commercial love-fest that is 14th February. The shops are full of over-priced tat, coloured red and emblazoned with hearts, that we’re supposed to buy in order to show we care. Charlotte Stamper got it right with her blog post on why Valentine’s Day sucks and, even though

I was treated to a potted history of the London College of Fashion yesterday, some of which I thought I’d share with you. At the start of the 20th century, Barrett Street and Shoreditch trade schools in the east end of London were training 12-14-year-old girls in the art of dressmaking. It was pretty much like any other school at the time – strict and with an obligatory uniform – but with two thirds of their 30hrs per week being spent on trade subjects such as dress-making, embroidery, tailoring and

Last time I blogged about Agent Provocateur’s incredibly un-sexy choice of models, I assumed that Nicola Hunn, who replied to the complaint I sent in, was merely humoring me with a standard response. Well, I don’t know if she really was listening to me of if lots of other people shared their disappointment with the brand’s recent direction, but it seems as though they have finally realised they just weren’t sultry enough any more. Today I found out that the new face of Agent Provocateur for 2011 is French actress

Over a year ago, I applied to be a writer for BitchBuzz. I sent off links to samples of some of my work, explained why I wanted to write for the site and why I thought I would be good at it. The editor, Cate, had also asked what section I would like to write for and so I had a careful look to see what was already there in order to work out how I could best fit in. Discovering that the sex section was looking rather bare and

Tonight I’m off to the Institute of Psychiatry to attend one of the Maudsley Debates on a rather fascinating topic. The ‘Love is a Drug’ debate asks, “Is female sexual dysfunction disorder a work of fiction dreamt up by ‘Big Pharma’ or an under-recognised and under-treated condition that has been side-lined by clinicians for too long?” You’d think that a medical topic such as this could be proved or disproved with evidence without the need for debate, but lack of sexual desire is not as easy to pinpoint in women

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