On Saturday I was thrilled to be able to attend the first ‘Coquette’ at Kettner’s in Soho on behalf of BitchBuzz, so a review will be winging its way towards the internet some time this week. If you can’t wait that long, I suggest you check out fabulous photographer Rosie Reed Gold’s blog for a taste of what we all got up to. And, as if that wasn’t enough glamour for one week, on Wednesday I’m off to see The Hurly Burly Show at the Garrick Theatre. No doubt Miss

This year I have become slightly more involved with plans for my younger sister’s impending wedding, due to my status as bridesmaid. There’s nothing much I can really do to help out, as she has it all well under control, but I do like suggesting fun or vintage-style touches that she might want to add to her day. You can never have too much pretty stuff, right? So it was with all of this in mind that I showed up at yesterday’s Playful Promises, Kiss Me Deadly and Ayten Gasson

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard and my attention was immediately drawn to the pretty girl staring at me from the masthead. “Introducing Millicent Binks” it said, “our new sex columnist”. Ah, sex… one of my favourite topics of discussion! Whether it was an educational advice column or a titillating tale of scandalous behaviour, this sounded like it would be the perfect thing to get London talking and would add a little of what had been sorely missing from the Standard’s Fashion Style & Sex

This morning I asked Twitter if anyone knew the secret to getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. Last night I had no trouble dropping off and I slept through, uninterrupted, until my alarm went off but felt no better for it. Surely if you sleep well, you should find getting up in the morning easy? People were quick to respond with tips, hints and requests that I share the secret if I found it! Phil told me he has a WakeMate on the way and will

When I lived in Manchester, my house was dotted with potted plants. A peace lily that was a housewarming gift, spider plants, ivy… most windows or sets of shelves had some variety of living foliage. During my teenage years I always had at least one plant in my bedroom and would happily adopt new ones to add to the leafy feel of my personal space, so having an entire house to fill with plants was rather exciting. As a pale-skinned hayfever sufferer, the garden was never somewhere I completely enjoyed

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