I returned from holiday and promptly spent two evenings sorting through my digital photos and getting them uploaded, tagged and labelled. I felt a nice wave of satisfaction after having been so organised but then, later in the week, remembered something. I now had three exposed films, waiting patiently to be developed. Yes, film… the 35mm stuff with sprocket holes, all curled up asleep in those little tactile canisters. One mostly contains images of Brighton, while the other two hold snippets from my time in Sweden and I don’t really

I’m back from ten days in Sweden, where it was my perfect summer temperature and there was lots of daylight. We spent five days in a friend’s summer house in the north, getting away from it all and enjoying the gorgeous views, plus celebrating midsummer the traditional way. The only bad thing was the mosquitos… yes, I could even put up with the lack of proper bathroom facilities if there weren’t as many biting insects! After that, it was five days back in civilisation, as we pottered around Stockholm. It’s

Originally posted on 25th June 2007. Earlier today, I started thinking about whether a decade could be summed up by one song. I’ve no idea why this strange thought popped into my head, but I thought I’d try to come up with a list anyway. A list that would sum up my life. Make of it what you will. 1970s – Get it On, by T-Rex – When I was a small child, I owned a spectacularly cheesy piece of vinyl entitled Stewpot’s Pop Party. It was designed for parents

I can’t remember exactly when I first decided to buy a mobile phone, but it was probably some time in 1999. I bought a two year package from John Lewis (yes, really) that included an Ericsson T18 with line rental and inclusive calls/SMS messaging from one2one, but no contract. All the line rental paid for up front and the freedom to change networks at the end. It must have been a good deal for the consumer as they had stopped doing these packages by the time I decided that the

The following is from an email sent by a colleague of mine on 25th January 2000, regarding his feelings about my imminent move to Manchester. I printed a copy to keep and, every time I clear out my filing cabinet, it makes me smile all over again. Thought I’d share the best bits… “It was with a deep sense of sorrow that I received the news of your departure. Indeed, I can honestly say that I see this as being on a level with the loss of my dear Nova,

When I returned to the North West of England after following up my three years at a Manchester university with two and a half years back with the parental units in Buckinghamshire, I got a job in Bolton. This is where my education really began. There are many words and phrases that I learnt during my long stay in Manchester, but my time in Bolton was perhaps the most informative. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few linguistic gems with you in case they may prove useful

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