I know many people hated the Royal Wedding with a passion and, despite being quite keen on seeing the new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, I wasn’t really terribly fussed about the whole thing myself. However, there was one aspect that did unexpectedly delight me, and that was the flags. Strip the union flag of any sinister connotations and it’s actually quite a striking design, so decorating anything with that bold geometric splash of red, white and blue is bound to cheer the place up. Regent street being a prime

Just before the Easter weekend, a bunch of self-proclaimed “queers and allies” turned up at the John Snow pub in Soho for a second kiss-in to protest at the treatment of Jonathan Williams and James Bull. Although not everyone who’d said they were attending on Facebook actually showed up – by quite some margin! – there were still a lot of us hanging around outside the (closed) pub for three hours, sticking posters on the doors and speaking to anyone who’d listen. There was also far more actual kissing going

I arrived late at Horse Bar in glamorous Waterloo to discover that the effortlessly beautiful Betsy Bliss was already ordering drinks for the rest of The Rebel Rebels. “I’ll have a Hendricks and tonic”, I chirped, after embracing my good friend warmly and complimenting her on her gorgeous new Westwood frock. Then I rushed over to see the rest of the girls and catch up on all their news. The five of us met a few years ago and, in no time at all, had vowed to wow the London

A friend told me on Friday about the time when she had an appraisal at work that didn’t go so well. To counteract all the undeserved negativity that resulted, she decided to write about why she deserved a good review and told me that, although it is extremely hard to do, writing 2.5 pages on how great you are is a fantastic feeling and something that everyone should at least try to do. A bit like a spring clean for the mind, focusing only on positive things for a while

Strange things often happen in Soho but, as it’s London’s most open-minded and gay-friendly district, you would think that being asked to leave a pub for kissing your date wouldn’t be one of them. Many people aren’t keen on public displays of affection, but pubs like making money and… well, anything goes in Soho, right? That’s why it was rather peculiar that a story entitled Gay couple ‘kicked out of Soho pub for kissing’ appeared over on So So Gay this morning: “Two men say they were asked to leave

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