Six years red

In the springtime of 2005, a blonde girl called Lori decided it was finally time for the red hair she’d always dreamed of. After the disappointment of previous attempts using natural looking shades, she planned to attack her locks using a vibrant shade of L’Oreal Feria and vowed to use Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day as a cover story if it all went wrong. The night before, she covered the kitchen in a plastic dust sheet – being used to blonde hair dye, she figured more space and stain prevention

A couple of years ago, I spotted a beautiful coat on the Dollydagger site. It was a gorgeous full skirted mac that was available in the sort of bright red that I love, however, it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked. I pondered splashing out and getting one, but my sensible side took over and so I decided to wait and see if it appeared in the sale. It never did and as soon as that coat disappeared from the site, I suddenly became desperate to

There has been lots of inspirational stuff happening this week, due in part to 8th March being International Women’s Day, but today sees the start of something really special. The first annual Women of the World Festival Conference has just kicked off at the Southbank Centre in London. All weekend this new festival aims to provide a “joyous celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women”. With speakers from across five continents, it brings together amazing stories of triumph, action, challenge and enterprise from girls of 14 to women

When asked what I’d like for Christmas last year, I couldn’t really think of much I wanted, but managed to put together a very simple list of small things that would make me smile. One of the items on it was gift vouchers that I could spend at The Make Lounge which, as you may already know from previous blog posts, is one of my favourite places in London. Much to my delight, two lovely people ended up buying me vouchers for Christmas/birthday, so the next step was to choose

The other day I was having a discussion with a man that led to me reminding him that I am a feminist, and him responding with “yes, but you’re the right kind of feminist”. As far as I know, this is because I’m not radical, an activist or particularly shouty – I just like to offer an alternative point of view when an un-feminist point is raised. But, is this a good or a bad thing? Although being proactive is necessary so people don’t forget that feminism is still relevant

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