As anyone who wears women’s clothing will tell you, it’s tricky to know what size to buy. Unlike menswear, which uses actual measurements in its sizing, womenswear garments are assigned an arbitrary number leaving it extremely easy for individual stores to make these sizes to whatever measurements they like. This means that, while I own size 12 trousers from Whistles, a size 14 can be snug around the hips in Topshop. In addition, there is no way of telling if garments purchased online will fit me as, just because my

While many were enjoying a leisurely bank-holiday weekend at the beginning of May, some of us were in the woods, conjuring in the summer. Let me explain… Beltane is one of the eight pagan festivals in what’s called the ‘wheel of the year’. It takes place on the first day of May (often called May Day) and signals the beginning of summer and the end of spring. There are a few theories of the origins of the Beltane festival but there is some agreement that it’s the anglicised spelling of

Ohhh a big blank empty space, just for me to scribble in. Write me a guest post, she said. It can be about anything you want, she said. ANYTHING I WANT? Wow. That’s very liberating. Very liberating indeed. Especially if I was to ask to remain anonymous… (which I didn’t, as you’ve probably already figured out). If I were anonymous I could say anything at all, lay open my deepest darkest secrets without fear of consequence. I could say what I REALLY think about her, and him, and those two,

Leapfrogging feminism: can empowerment and equality be taught and learned? If you’re reading this blog, chances are you may call yourself a feminist or are at least a proponent of gender equality. Your ideal world probably involves equal opportunity for all people, regardless of gender status (or lack thereof), and you are probably outraged when you see sexism, abuse and oppression worldwide. You most likely went through your own personal struggles and journey to figure out what being a feminist means to you and how you can contribute to a

Our appetite for distraction is endless. The smallest lull in our day has us reaching for our smart phones, Twitter, Spotify, Angry Birds, another coffee, another cigarette… and if, there’s unused mental capacity to be had at any point, a sneaky fantasy about that cute guy/girl that just walked past. A constant stream of amusements to keep our body and minds occupied, keeping us happy and making sure the worries and the boredom stay away. But once in a while it gets a little too much. We reach data/caffeine/sugar saturation

Last summer I helped found an international gay book prize in my lunch hour. My Mum had a right go at me for it. The Green Carnation Prize for modern writing by gay men had a fantastic shortlist, if I do say so myself. Three debut novelists and two established writers – ranging from 1950s love stories to psychogeographic sexual histories, via evangelical Christian Dads in Florida and comics-loving kids in South London, to the tale of a dark fascination with skinheads. We packed out Bloomsbury’s fabulous Gay’s The Word

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