On Saturday 11th June, thousands of women and men marched through central London to draw attention to the fact that rape is NOT acceptable, clothing is NOT consent and victims should NOT be blamed. The march and rally that followed in Trafalgar Square were positive, peaceful and presented a united force for feminist good. Sadly, despite making a lot of noise on the day, media coverage of the event has been rather minimal. Reports of numbers in attendance range from ‘hundreds’ in The Telegraph and the Metro (a headline clearly

Yesterday saw the arrival of a splash of vintage glamour on Oxford Street in London. The Topshop flagship store at Oxford Circus is now home to the lovely Lipstick & Curls ladies and their team of hair and make-up experts, who are waiting to transform you for a night out or to teach you the tricks to do it yourself. They managed to work some magic on my hair in a mere 15 minutes when I attended Coquette at Kettner’s in Soho earlier this year, so I was pretty excited

As you may have heard, Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti told students at Osgoode Hall Law School that, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised” and, within a few months, Slutwalks had been organised in many cities across Canada and the US in response to his comments. Despite the name, SlutWalks are not saying there’s a link between sexually alluring clothing and rape or encouraging it – quite the opposite in fact! People organising and taking part in the walks know that there are many

You may have noticed an increasing number of high street stores not only producing vintage-inspired dresses, but now also labelling them as such. The latest big launch, with accompanying window displays in every store, is New Vintage by Oasis. The dresses in the collection are beautiful and well designed, but they still miss the mark in my opinion because of one simple detail: they’re made from soft silk. Choosing silk doesn’t seem like a massive faux pas for any reason other than the fact it puts these dresses over £100

I don’t know where this image of three inexplicably naked and differently sized women is originally from, but it certainly isn’t new. It reappeared on Twitter today and I couldn’t resist asking my followers, “Is this true, or an excuse for nudity?“. Before long there was a small flurry of responses. The first few replies I received were from men stating, somewhat predictably, that they preferred the size 16 model and that the size 8 woman was “too skinny”. @theknickermafia then pointed out, quite rightly, that everyone’s taste is different.

Tonight I have handed out a couple of my Moo cards, promoted my writing on Twitter and have also updated my bio there to make it bit more relevant to the subjects I cover. This made me realise that I don’t often link to my other writing here, so here’s a quick update for those of you who’ve perhaps missed out. In a flurry of sex and relationship posts for BitchBuzz in recent weeks, I have written about The Great Wall Of Vagina which is on display in Brighton (this

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