In a world of shortened forms of communication, is the art of conversation dead? There are certain times when 140 characters or less really won’t do, and charming the pants off someone certainly falls into that category. However, when you spend your days firing off short witticisms on Twitter, crafting a tantalising in-depth message to a potential hottie on OK Cupid at night can seem like a rather daunting task. From what I can gather after talking to my friends about this, it does seem to be men that have

When Animée lager was launched, earlier this month, the only things I heard about it were bad. The main gist of what was being said online is that there are far better tasting beers already on the market, and brewers should stop marketing their products solely to men rather than waste time and money on developing bland and patronising alternatives aimed at women. There are so many amazing beers out there that simply being introduced to more of them is all that many women would need in order to start

For ten years, if not more, I have been searching for reading material that is both easy to digest and also appealing. After buying many well-known women’s glossies in my late teens and early 20s, I came to the conclusion that the majority of the content is massively recycled and there really are very few new ideas. Even if I did still want to read about ‘how to keep your man’ and ‘get the perfect beach body’, the articles are practically the same as they were last year and so

The clothes we wear are often chosen because of the image we wish to portray to the rest of the world. Aside from garments selected because they are suitable for a specific task, like exercising, most people choose items they like the look of or garments that make them feel confident. Do we dress for ourselves or for other people? Well, if you’ve ever asked “how do I look?”, then you will have cared about what others think of your appearance at some point. But I wonder why on earth

The other day I found an advert in the back of a magazine for cosmetic surgery which made me rather angry. In my rage, I did what any normal person would do and I tweeted about it. However, instead of typing “Have you fucking *seen* this shit?” which was pretty much what I was thinking, I decided to opt for the rather toned down “N.B. Other methods of obtaining confidence are also available” instead. Within minutes, I realised why I’d done it and also why I keep being told to

UK lingerie brand Ayten Gasson have launched their new Eco range this week and it definitely proves that ethical fashion can be glamorous. The limited edition range contains classic pieces made from organic and cruelty-free silks trimmed with vintage cotton lace. The Eco camisole and tap pant set (pictured below) are made from peace silk. Unlike the traditional method of silk production where the cocoon is boiled alive, peace silk allows the silkworm to emerge from its cocoon and live out a full life. The Eco teddy has been made

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