Underwear is a peculiar thing. Most people wear it – often out of habit – but it isn’t essential, by any means. Without it, our outer garments would require more frequent washing and women’s breasts would have less support, but most people can ‘go commando’ without shocking or offending anyone. There is, however, a rather large market for this clothing that most people don’t see, so why on earth do we spend so much money on it? In my 20s I owned hardly any sets of ‘pretty’ underwear. Most of

What we hear is rarely thought about when it comes to sex. Understandably, the biggest emphasis is placed on what we feel – both physically and emotionally – but sight, taste and even smell often rate more highly than sound in discussions of a carnal nature. However, there are many ways in which aural sex should be more highly rated than it is. First of all, talking dirty. Even Kate Winslet has offered tips on this, so you really have no excuse for not trying it at least once. I

Last summer I spent a wonderful weekend at Goodwood for the first ever Vintage Festival and wrote afterwards about how much I enjoyed my time as a Vintage Volunteer, and the full Vintage at Goodwood experience. After the quirky charm of the ‘high street’ they built in a field, the wonderful themed music stages and the overall look and feel of the event’s site, I was excited to see what they would come up with for this year’s festival. So you can understand that I was a bit shocked to

In a world of shortened forms of communication, is the art of conversation dead? There are certain times when 140 characters or less really won’t do, and charming the pants off someone certainly falls into that category. However, when you spend your days firing off short witticisms on Twitter, crafting a tantalising in-depth message to a potential hottie on OK Cupid at night can seem like a rather daunting task. From what I can gather after talking to my friends about this, it does seem to be men that have

When Animée lager was launched, earlier this month, the only things I heard about it were bad. The main gist of what was being said online is that there are far better tasting beers already on the market, and brewers should stop marketing their products solely to men rather than waste time and money on developing bland and patronising alternatives aimed at women. There are so many amazing beers out there that simply being introduced to more of them is all that many women would need in order to start

For ten years, if not more, I have been searching for reading material that is both easy to digest and also appealing. After buying many well-known women’s glossies in my late teens and early 20s, I came to the conclusion that the majority of the content is massively recycled and there really are very few new ideas. Even if I did still want to read about ‘how to keep your man’ and ‘get the perfect beach body’, the articles are practically the same as they were last year and so

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