With the help of the lovely ladies at Lovehoney, I have begun to discover that there is a sex toy for every bit of fun you can think of, and a whole load more that you can’t. Each week I shall look at a different category of sex toys but, like my last A-to-Z, they won’t always be quite what you think. As you might imagine, all links are NSFW! We always knew that this A-to-Z couldn’t be exciting all the time, and so here we are for the sensible

And now for something completely different! Inspired by the ladies over at The High Tea Cast, I have decided to take a little tea break today on Rarely Wears Lipstick. The British are well known for their obsession with tea but, since the arrival of a multitude of coffee chains on our high streets, we are fast becoming a nation of coffee lovers. However, there are still some of us who would prefer a good cup of tea and, when I say that, I do mean good. Not the classic

The first proper sex toy I ever owned was a rabbit vibrator. It came free with my subscription to Scarlet magazine and I was extremely excited to own one of these famous items. After all, this was supposed to be the best kind of sex toy in the world. Sadly, when it arrived, this little bunny did nothing for me whatsoever. In addition to not hitting the spot, it was noisy, ugly and went through batteries rather quickly considering its overall lack of use. Despite my lack of fondness for

On Monday I attended a panel discussion at the London College of Fashion on the Beauty of Age. The session was chaired by Professor Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion, and the panellists offered a variety of perspectives on the subject of women and ageing. Lesley Reynolds Kahn, co-founder of Harley Street Skin Clinic and the author of Look Younger for Longer, was an interesting contrast with Harriet Walter, actress and author of Facing It: Reflections on Images of Older Women. Robin Wight, President of creative communications agency Engine and co-founder of

This week I discovered that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is using her, er, expertise as a lingerie model to design a range of underwear for Marks & Spencer. Can celebrities with no fashion design experience actually put together a decent collection of lingerie? You wouldn’t think it was that easy, but anyone who pays enough attention to how comfortable attractive underwear is constructed – and who listens to experts giving them advice on what is and isn’t possible – could come up with a pretty decent collection. With a willingness to learn,

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