Much as I love blogs where glamorous folk post photographs of what they’re wearing, most of the time I lose interest after a while because they are more about following fashion than simply wearing clothes. Every day seems to be like something out of the pages of a style magazine for these people and it can all get a bit ‘samey’. Then the intriguing Poppy Dinsey, of @PoppyD Twitter fame, made a new year’s resolution in 2010 that caused a bit of a stir. A simple vow to wear something

In sex, there’s always a first. What people think of most often when you say ‘first’ is the person you lost your virginity to, but there are many more firsts than that. From the first time you tried something out on yourself to the first time you tried it with a partner, our sexual lives are filled with times where the excitement levels far exceeded the available skills. A first time can be fun or fraught with problems. Sometimes you remember it clearly, other firsts are quickly forgotten. Of course

I wrote about my own photographic journey last year, but I’ve only ever given advice when someone has asked for it. After spending a day with my trusty Lomo LC-A and comparing notes with a friend on Twitter who was wondering why her shots always ended up disappointing, I decided to jot down a few things that I’ve learned over the last few years. So, if you’re a beginner and want to start giving your photographs a bit more consideration, here are a few things that might help. First of

Every week, I seem to encounter something that niggles at my inner feminist, so I’ve decided that this sort of thing probably deserves a regular spot on my blog. Either it’s something infuriating which illustrates people’s misunderstanding of feminism, strong women who say they are definitely not a feminist, or simply another reason why feminism is still relevant in 2011. Whatever your understanding of the finer points of the feminist movement, surely most rational intelligent human beings agree that, ideally, all people should be able to go through life without

You may experience a ‘spark’ when you meet someone new – a feeling like electricity coursing through your veins whenever you touch or kiss – but that’s not the only thing I’m thinking about here. As well as the rush that you feel with a new lover, electricity can also feature in exciting new situations with an existing lover or… even when you’re alone. Whether it is the batteries in your vibrator, or the mains-powered oomph of a Hitachi, this type of energy can be a very important part of

The idea behind a clothes swap party is simple. Collect up all the clothing you don’t wear any more, take the garments to someone’s house with a load of other friends who have all had a wardrobe clear out too, open some wine and start trying things on. The group of women you get together for one of these events don’t even need to be the same shape or size, as everyone has things in their wardrobe that are no longer worn because they don’t fit, and so the only

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