The only reason that this entry is still considered part of an ‘alternative’ A-to-Z of sex rather than an ‘essential’ one, is because it’s sadly not the most obvious relevant c-word. In fact, straight away I thought of three others that people may have chosen first… an orifice, a word that is a synonym for The Big O and something that, legend would have you believe, many heterosexual men can’t find. However this c-word is the thing that no sex should be without. No matter what your gender, orientation or

Making my mark

I’ve wanted a tattoo for years. I love the way a good design looks and the way it becomes part of a person. I love the way they can mark a moment in your life and make you look at your own body in a new light. I love the way it’s a beautiful piece of artwork that you can carry around with you for the rest of your life. I wanted a design for a tattoo I was sure I would love forever but I could never think of

As my involvement in burlesque has developed, so has my interest in lingerie. It seems to be an appropriate thing for me to write about on this blog too as lingerie pretty much sits at the intersection of feminism, body image, sex/relationships and fashion. However, although I have done a couple of short courses that have expanded my knowledge on how the garments I wear are constructed (Beginners Corsetry at Prescott & Mackay and Knockout Knickers at The Make Lounge), I don’t really have a great deal of general knowledge

Biting isn’t always as vicious as you might think. “I’m not into pain”, you might say, thinking of frenzied sex with teeth marks and yelling. But biting may be more of a part of your carnal life than you first thought. Remember those teenage years, when you occasionally had to cover up your neck because of a hickey? Us Brits don’t call them love bites for nothing. After all, the mark itself might not always be created by the act of biting, but there is often a fair bit of

Back in March, I wrote about how these so-called ‘real’ women the media are always banging on about don’t always have curves. I pointed out that actual real women come in a pleasing variety of shapes sizes. Fat, thin, old or young, each of us is a unique combination of race, nationality, height, weight, build, eye colour… and we all have the potential to be beautiful. We just need to realise it. For the first time in a long while, I switched on the television this morning, resulting in me

I first encountered the clothing label Fever during one of my many rummaging sessions in clothing exchange Bang Bang. I was spending a cold January Saturday afternoon shopping with my sister and had convinced her to stop off at my favourite second-hand haunt in Soho before she headed for the train home. We tried on a few things that day, and the best of the three items I went home with was definitely an extremely wearable teal coloured 1950s style full-skirted dress with a mysterious label inside that said Fever

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