Thanks very much to everyone who entered this week’s competition to win a Sh! goodie bag. Once more, I recruited the perfect judge to look through your entries. Tal Younis is a big fan of Sh! stores, was the driving force behind the oh-so-naughty charity event Barelesque and is a west London lady, so who better to look at who you’d like to visit Sh! Portobello with? I should have asked who she’d like to visit the store with! The winner is Abby Chicken. She told me that, “I would

As an end to my week of body-related posts, I thought I’d mention a rough idea that’s been knocking around in my head recently. I know many women who are comfortable with the way they look, and many others have an issue with their body. What if one group could help the other? I am considering creating a workshop to try and help women who need some body confidence… but am also wondering if I am perhaps oversimplifying a rather thorny issue. My basic concept as it stands right now

On Wednesday 12th October 2011, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern played host to a raucous bunch of ladies who, along with their friends, were hoping to raise lots of money for LGBT homeless charity the Albert Kennedy Trust. As I mentioned last month, I was delighted to be chosen as one of those girls by the main organiser, Tal Younis. So I rocked up to the venue mid-afternoon in order to take part in the rehearsals for the second part of the show… the lingerie auction. Upstairs at the RVT was

There are many aspects to sex that the majority of people are unaware of and so never fully explore. Because society has taught us that sex is “naughty”, many people fail to look further than intercourse with a few positions and a couple of toys and, while this works fine for many, for some people it’s not quite enough. Some folk feel that sex means something more to them and so want to look further than the mainstream. If this sounds like you, how do you go about exploring new

M is for manual… and I’m not talking about an instruction book. Manual stimulation is considered by some to be a solo act and so is often overlooked as part of sex with a partner. Whether it’s for foreplay or penetration, hands can take us to a whole new level. Use your fingers to explore how your partner feels and responds to your touch, changing your strokes from soft to firm and back again. You can be playful or sensual using tickles, scratches, tenderness and spanks to excite and tease.

Ladies of London! Have you heard about the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium yet? If not, where the devil have you been hiding? In the days before the opening of this delightful den dedicated to female sexual pleasure, adult shops were either men only affairs (dark, seedy and full of nasty graphic gadgets and magazines), or cheap ‘n’ cheerful with tacky hen-party stock. Sh! was the first boutique-style erotic shop in the country and remains the only one that is 100% female owned and run. Bringing pleasure to the women of

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