I don’t usually like to boast about my life, but today I really feel like I should. I am lucky enough to work at London College of Fashion, where I spend my days dealing with amazing academic staff who create and teach on some of the most inspiring higher education fashion courses in the world. Sometimes though, we focus on the tiny details of our jobs so much that we forget the bigger picture. Once in a while, it’s nice to be reminded why we do it. Today’s all-staff meeting

Who would you turn to for advice regarding issues in your sex life or relationship? If friends and family simply aren’t an option – not everyone can share their problems with people they know – would you consider asking an expert? Many people do write to newspapers and magazines or radio and television shows who have an ‘agony aunt’ offering help on all sorts of issues, but just how expert are these people? I wrote about advice columns for BitchBuzz a couple of years ago and suggested that it was

As you’ll have seen from my post on latex fashion earlier this month, rubber is no longer reserved for fetishwear. However, unless you’re Lady Gaga, it can be tricky to work latex into an everyday outfit. If you’re keen on the idea but don’t know where to begin, I’ve got some great news for you. I discovered this week that Playful Promises founder, Emma Parker, has been designing a small limited edition range of accessories with Kaori Matsubarafor from Kaori’s Latex Dreams. There are currently three pieces available, with more to follow in exciting new colours!

With the help of the lovely ladies at Lovehoney, I have begun to discover that there is a sex toy for every bit of fun you can think of, and a whole load more that you can’t. Each week I shall look at a different category of sex toys but, like my last A-to-Z, they won’t always be quite what you think. As you might imagine, all links are NSFW! Some people can’t reach orgasm easily, others simply like a bit of extra ‘oomph’ once in a while. Either way, a

If you’re a fashion student with an interest in learning more about the business side of the industry, chances are that you’ll be trying to arrange an internship. As with all types of unpaid work experience, this involves trekking to an office, shop or warehouse to spend a couple of weeks doing whatever work they can find for you that doesn’t require loads of training, and you have to just hope that you’ll have got some useful knowledge out of it by the end. Well, times have changed, my friend.

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