Gender stereotypes and advertising go together so well, don’t they? After all, if people complain about them it just generates more publicity, right? OK, so that may not be how advertising agencies actually work, but sometimes I really do wonder. Over on The Guardian’s Women’s Blog this week, Bim Adewunmi points out the lack of women in the posters for the new “GREAT Britain” campaign. This is indeed a fair point (and I totally agree with her when she says they missed a trick by not using an image of

Honesty may be the best policy when it comes to relationships, at least as far as I’m concerned, but it’s also a pretty important component of sex. Right from the moment we find ourselves sexually attracted to someone, dishonesty can cause all sorts of problems if it’s left to seep in. We need to be honest about who we’re attracted to and whether or not we plan on acting on our impulses. We need to be honest about contraception choices, our sexual history and whether or not we’ve been tested.

What better way to start a new week here at Rarely Wears Lipstick, than with a competition?Not just any old giveaway either, this is one where you can get you hands on some absolutely gorgeous knickers and inject a little bit more glamour into your life. I know you’re all amazingly glamorous anyway but, if you’re anything like me, you may need that little bit of extra help on a Monday! As featured in the rather exotic issue 4 of Playful Promises Magazine, these Circus Pin-Up Panties are just the

Every now and again, someone tweets a link to something for sale on the internet which makes me do a double-take. Recently we’ve seen a girls’ t-shirt with the slogan “I’m too pretty to do homework”, and then Topman takes things a step further by comparing women to dogs and also making a list of ‘excuses’ for domestic violence into something that’s apparently wearable. I don’t know which is more annoying: a) the fact that a large company can get clothing like this all the way through to the point

It seems that the world is obsessed with instant gratification these days. We want it all, and we want it now. Give us those orgasms and don’t take too long about it, goddamit! Deliver that newly purchased sex toy immediately or I shall take my business elesewhere next time! We’ve all become petulant and demanding. But what about deferred gratification? The ability to patiently wait for or work towards something you want is often considered to be a virtue, but this is rarely thought about when it comes to sex.

Make up is fascinating stuff. There is a strange kind of freedom in it being socially acceptable to apply a painted mask to your face before you head off into the outside world each day, but it is also rather odd that this is only widely acceptable within certain gendered restrictions. Adult women without make up are sometimes frowned upon, and men with even the slightest hint of eyeliner or lip gloss wouldn’t be able to show their face in most work places. Although many feminists frown on the use

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