Feminism Friday: How to spot a feminist

What do feminists look like? You never know when you might need to spot one, so I thought I’d put together a handy guide to assist with recognition. We can be any gender, race, shape or size but never forget one very important thing: Feminists always dress in a practical way. A feminist’s heels are never too high. A feminist’s trousers are never too tight. A feminist is prepared to put up shelves, run for the bus, train an attack dog, defuse a bomb or start a protest march at any moment, so impractical clothing must never be worn. I repeat: NEVER! Also, feminists want everyone to be super-duper equal so they all wear gender-neutral clothing. That person wearing a skirt is NOT A FEMINIST. Do not be fooled by talk of pay gaps, rape culture and moving to Iceland because it’s a ‘feminist paradise’. A real feminist would show dedication to the cause merely by donning some sturdy footwear and an old pair of jeans.

These are the rules. Apparently.

Photo of me, dressed as a proper real-life feminist, by Matt Christie.