Feminism Friday: Body image workshop?

As an end to my week of body-related posts, I thought I’d mention a rough idea that’s been knocking around in my head recently. I know many women who are comfortable with the way they look, and many others have an issue with their body. What if one group could help the other? I am considering creating a workshop to try and help women who need some body confidence… but am also wondering if I am perhaps oversimplifying a rather thorny issue.

My basic concept as it stands right now would involve a cozy and private location, friendly introductions, a group discussion on the issues everyone feels they are facing, some trying on of clothes (to analyse how they fit and also the suitability of styles), a discussion about how size is just a number, and something at the end to help steer everyone in a new direction. Baring as much as you dare might work – whichever body part bothers you most or even down to your undies – if the group is working well together, or perhaps simply some compliment giving. I hated my knees until Mademoiselle Robot pointed out to me that everyone’s knees look like that! Sometimes small things can make a difference.

Is this something worth trying, or is it perhaps best left to the experts?