Inspiring, not pointless

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the internet is a fantastic place to socialise, chat and meet new people. What Zoe Williams may think of as “pointless messing about” is, to me, about building new friendships and maintaining existing ones. If didn’t exist, I would never have met a whole host of splendid folk who have since become good friends, including Beth and G. If it wasn’t for Twitter, I’d never have met wonderful people like Rae, Em and Cat. And if it wasn’t for what used to be called the blogosphere, I would never have met Lyle, Sevitz, Gert, Ann and now Gemma.

I forget when I started reading Gemma’s blog, Retro Chick, but it always brings a smile to my day. Whether she’s discussing the misleading sizing of clothes sold by high street stores, the meaning of vintage, or simply posting photographs of her lovely hairstyles and outfits, it’s a pleasure to read and is always accessible. Some fashion bloggers keep writing about massively expensive items that they got free – things I sadly cannot afford to buy – and some focus far more on photos and videos than good old fashioned words. Retro Chick has a good balance of text to images and always provides me with a healthy dose of inspiration. Many fashion bloggers forget that readers are more easily retained when they think that, one day, they too could be as awesome as you.

Gemma is as lovely in real life as I expected her to be from her blog and was excellent company, despite being slightly worse for wear following much hi-jinx The Chap Olympiad. Thanks to her, I have now started my week with a smile and an added dollop of inspiration.