Occasionally, waiting can work out for the best. Earlier this month I pondered buying a pretty hat with my store credit in Bang Bang, but went back to the shop a few hours later only to find out that it had been sold. I’ve returned on a few occasions since then, but had yet to see anything I thought worthy of my £23, until today.

I have a fairy tale themed party to go to on Saturday and decided that I probably ought to just spend my Bang Bang credit on the 80s Laura Ashley “princess dress” that I tried on a few months back (and which, unsurprisingly, has yet to sell). However, when I rummaged around the rails this time, I found a 1950s handmade dress in a cracking print for £20. It has been repaired on the bodice, but it’s not really noticeable so I consider this to be a bargain. Fits perfectly too!

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not still thinking about that hat though…